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Luhansk city ​​brand (part 1)

I want to talk a little bit about the process of creating a brand of Luhansk. But first we need some theory. Let's talk on the theme of the city, the main resources required for its development. And also define the role played by the city's image to attract resources.
In historical perspective urban development - a process based on the concept that is constantly changing. Originally designed to meet the challenges of security, sanitation and spatial changes, operation of modern cities are largely in the plane of the economy to address the challenges to improving the attractiveness of the city on a local and international level.
In the global economy cities compete with each other to attract investors, tourists, talented people and ordinary citizens. To solve these problems in recent years have increasingly used the concept based on marketing and branding. All this is necessary to improve the city's image and its position in the international arena. Development of the city corresponding concept is a major step towards the accelerated development that meets the needs of target audiences.
Thus, there is a need to justify brand concept of the city as an instrument of its image formation. That is, you need to determine what such a tool better than others, existing, and to determine its role in the development of the industrial city. To do this, first consider the scheme of resources flow to the city (fig. 1).
Scheme of resources flow to the city
Thus, for the operation and development of the city are constantly needed all sorts of resources in certain amounts and quantities: financial resources, investment, labor, information, etc. Based on the fact that the target audience of Luhansk brand were selected investors (external and internal), as well as residents, the main desired resources in the economy of the city is the financial and human resources. Continuing in the second part...

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